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Why Vicsoft?


We provide professional trading
software for direct access to HKEX.

-HKEx BSS of AMS/3.8 certificate test passed software.
-HKEx OAPI Genium certificate test
passed software.
-HKEx PRS Plus certificate test

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-Low hardware cost by using Microsoft
Windows Operating System (Now
support Windows 7 and Windows
Server 2008R2).
-Low latency to catch more arbitrage
opportunities and to prevent lost in
an extremely fast moving market.
-Critical fast trading platform and
market making engine.

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-Continuous system monitor with
consultation report to point out any
system errors.
-Continuous customer care with
quarterly product updates from
customer's feedback.
-Experienced in financial and trading
-No contractual tie up, ensure

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Q: What type of computer I need?

Q: What operating system is required
for your system?

Q: How is VDB better than the
traditional system (e.g. HKATS)?

Q: How can you support us in case of

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