Q: What type of computer I need?
A: See recommended hardware configuration.
Q: What operating system is required for your system?
A: Windows 7 or above.
Q: How is VDB better than the traditional system (e.g. HKATS CLICK)?
A: Accurate and fast order execution: Order can be placed by one click to prevent wrong order input with faster execution.
- Familiar Front-end: Offers window-based and user friendly interface. No special training is required for “HKATS" user.
- Fast executions: No. of transactions per second is much higher (max 4 times higher).
- Instant order confirmation and cancellation: With real-time onfirmations, you can cancel an order with a single click, or ALL orders in one hot key.
- Manage accounts easily: Real-time buying power calculation, profit & loss, account balances and portfolio. VDB allows you to manage your account easily.
- More detailed P&L account: Real-time calculation on actual P&L by user predefined fees, VDB allows you to view your P&L in more dimensions.
- Possible better execution prices: With opportunity of trading with better average price.
- Real-Time Data: Can use PRS+ to provide real-time data, which has been recorded faster than OAPI, and with higher update frequency.
- Real-time Risk Management: Provides real-time positions and margin requirements. Own pricing model can be applied; and Greeks are updated in real time, like fair value, delta, gamma, time decay…etc.
Q: How can you support us in case of system failure?
A: We provide telephone support, on-site support and repair service in case there is any existing defect or defect occurs in our program. We do continuously monitor the system status and provide basic consultation report to our users. Detailed analysis of trading network is provided by request with reasonable fee to boost trading performance.